Info: Massive downloadcenter for Unreal Tournament

Raw Downloads

The Raw Downloads only have raw downloads, with no explanation given. It also has a search funtion in case you want to find a file fast. More info can be found on the very bottom of the page. Make note that the initial page may load slow (up to 8 seconds).


In the Texture section you can find all packages released for Unreal Tournament, both in normal version as well in S3TC version. If you want to download the updates for the S3TC textures, than you need to go there.

2D Editing

- Photoshop:
Also downloads for Photoshop like:

  - Tools
- Filters
- Brushes
- Plugins
- Tutorials

- The GIMP:
You can download the Free Source photo editing program The GIMP. Also downloads for The GIMP like:

  - Tools
- Filters
- Brushes
- Plugins
- Tutorials

- PCX Files:
Extracted textures from:

  - UT
- UnrealGold
- DeusEx
- Rune
- DS9, The Fallen
- NERF Arena Blast
- Clive Barker's Undying.

- PSD Files:
All the High Resolution textures made for the URP and UTRP projects as PSD files. They are flattened versions, but including Alpha channel(Masking) where needed.

3D Editing

  - Editor Patches
- Tools
- Tutorials
- Textures
- PreFab Brushes


In the patch section you can find any patch available for any version Unreal Tournament, after the jump you can choose between:

  - Official Game Patches
- Editor Patches
- OpenGL Patches
- D3D8 Patches
- Glide Wrapper
- Various Patches


The Maps section has any map released for Unreal Tournament. Currently we have some 8072 Maps, after the jump you can choose between a variety of gametypes like:

  - Assault
- CTF 4
- DeathMatch
- Domination
- Flag Domination
- Jailbreak III
- Monster Hunt
- Rocket Arena
- Single Player
- Assault
- Soccer
- Team DeathMatch
- Unreal Skaarj Unleashed
- Map Packs

Mods (Not yet added)

All the mods that are released for Unreal Tournament, like:


Any skin you want can be found here, a total of 1621 Skins are available.

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